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You have your own book project that you would like to publish? Find out here what speaks for us and what it costs.

Why publish at ZKS?

What speaks for us

High reputation

We are a specialized professional publisher with a high profile in our professional field. We offer your work an excellent environment with a high reputation.


Your text will therefore not be lost in the masses, but will be treated as the valuable contribution to scientific discourse that it potentially can be. The perception of our work (especially our ebooks) on enables a high impact factor.

Wide spread

Many of our publications are available as (free) PDF downloads, they can be found from everywhere due to the "open source principle" e.g. via the search engine "google". Libraries worldwide also take notice of our publications and integrate them into their catalogs.

Standards of content

We attach great importance to high scientific standards, and quality assurance is ensured by a specific review process. In this way, you receive (free of charge) well-founded expert feedback (if necessary with justified suggestions for improvement) on your submitted text.

Round overall concept

Our texts are available long-term in a prominent position and are easy to research. In addition, our content is linked with films and interviews to provide more in-depth technical background information, thus providing visitors to our website with a comprehensive offering. This indirectly benefits your text as well, as it is thus embedded in a coherent overall concept.

To the point

Quality comes before quantity for us. We publish sophisticated texts and tools that are noticed by the professional world. We look forward to your request for a publication!

What does a publication cost?

We offer you four variants of publication:

Thesis (PDF)

  • You can publish your thesis (e.g. master's thesis) as well as doctoral theses with very good grades free of charge as PDF / e-book at ZKS Verlag für psychosoziale Medien (subject to content review). The costs for this are borne by the sponsoring group of the publishing house.

Short article

  • Availability of the text on the publisher's website and via Internet search engines such as


  • Creation of a PDF file as a universally applicable data format

Print edition

  • Availability in online portals such as or

The respective services you receive from us for each of the variants can be seen in the following table:




short article


print version

Quality assurance through a specific content review process

Embedding in one of our publication series

Creation of a PDF file as a universally applicable data format

Assignment of an ISBN

Availability of the text on the publisher’s website and via Internet search engines such as

Availability in the international book trade

Availability in online portals such as or

2 specimen copies

Larger size than 15 pages possible
Larger size than 200 pages possible

possible against surcharge

Detailed content editing

possible against surcharge

possible against surcharge

possible against surcharge

possible against surcharge

Manual revision of the layout (headings, tables, graphics, table of contents)

possible against surcharge

possible against surcharge

possible against surcharge

possible against surcharge

Base price


€ 50,-

€ 100,-

€ 495,-

Please note the following:

  • The entire review process is free of charge for authors.
  • You can publish your final thesis (e.g. master’s thesis) as well as doctoral theses with very good grades free of charge as PDF / e-book at ZKS Verlag für psychosoziale Medien (subject to content review). The costs for this are borne by the sponsors of the publishing house.
  • As author of a scientific text in the print version you can participate in the distribution of the VG-Wort. This makes it possible to be reimbursed an amount which, according to experience, covers the costs of publication and usually even exceeds this amount.
  • Online publication is based on your submitted (technically flawless) PDF file.
  • If your work is to be printed, we charge a flat rate of €495 for preparation and printing for works up to 200 pages in length. This is possible if the submitted file is technically ready for printing (i.e. complies with our technical instructions for print publications). This also includes 2 specimen copies. The printing of more extensive works or a preparation in layout that goes beyond the standard design will be carried out individually. If such is desired, it will be priced according to your wishes and the necessary conditions.
  • Not every text is consistent in content for readers, not in every work the main ideas of the author are already neatly worked out. Detailed content editing, which goes well beyond the initial technical review process, is available for each of the publication variants – please contact us for an individual offer.
  • The print and e-book variants can be combined. The price for the print variant then applies.

Distribution of the VG-Wort

Verwertungsgesellschaft WORT administers copyright exploitation rights and remuneration claims in trust for more than 400,000 authors and over 10,000 publishers in Germany. It is a legal association by virtue of conferral in which authors and publishers have joined together for the joint exploitation of copyrights. VG Wort acts as a trustee for their interests.

Among other things, this means ensuring appropriate remuneration for authors and publishers and collecting money from those who use the intellectual property of others. The money collected from numerous sources is then passed on to authors and publishers according to established distribution plans.

All works published in the ZKS can, under certain conditions, participate in the annual distribution of the VG-Wort. For this purpose, a so-called “Wahrnehmungsvertrag” must be concluded and certain conditions must be met (we will be happy to advise you on this in detail). The amount of the distribution varies from year to year – but experience shows that it is significantly higher than the price of a print publication.

Example: A book published in 2017 in the field of “Science”, which was registered for the distribution, received a distribution amount of 1800,- Euro in 2018. More information about the 2017 distribution can be found here.

VG Wort website:
Direct link to the conclusion of a perception agreement:

We will be happy to advise you on the subject of VG Wort! Feel free to contact us.

(Source of information:

Technical notes

for authors of print publications

The following instructions are intended for all authors whose scientific work has already been accepted for online publication and who would also like to publish their text as a printed book in the series “Schriften zur psychosozialen Gesundheit”.

A print publication requires that a printable template is submitted. This template must meet the optical standards customary in publishing. We will check the submission and – if there are no objections – send it to our printing house. If the author is unable to provide a print-ready copy, the publisher may technically revise the text. The costs for this service can be requested from us.


Technical notes

  • The series “Schriften zur psychosozialen Gesundheit” of the ZKS Verlag für psychosoziale Medien is printed in the page format 17 cm (width) x 22 cm (length). With the exception of the cover, printing is always in black and white.
  • Please note that the first two pages of the template must remain blank. The 3rd page will contain the title of the paper and the author name(s). Page 4 remains blank and is used by us for the design of the masthead. The table of contents starts on page 5.
  • All pages are counted continuously, but the page numbers are only visible from the first text page (usually from page 7 or 9). This means that the first two blank pages, the title/author page, the masthead, and the table of contents, which are all at the beginning of the book, are counted but must not be given visible page numbers.
  • The type area is fixed at: top 2 cm, bottom 2.5 cm, inside 2 cm, outside 1.8 cm and differentiated by even (right) and odd (left) pages in “facing pages” mode.
  • Header and footer spacing: 1.25 cm each.
  • Font type: Calibri.
  • Font size: in running text = size 11; in bibliography = size 10; for footnotes = size 9; for page numbers = size 11.
  • Line spacing: 1.15.
  • Tables: Times New Roman = size 9 or Arial Narrow = size 6.
  • Each main chapter of the text (highest level of outline) begins with a new page (right, odd page number).
  • There should be hyphenation.
  • Graphics or images require a resolution of 300 dpi (dots per inch). Roughly pixelated or blurred images will be rejected on principle and will not be printed.
  • No hyperlinks (with underlining) may appear in the text.
  • The submitted text must have undergone a thorough spell check on the part of the authors.


The final version of the entire print template is checked by us, technically completed, embedded and sent to the printing house.